Silas’ Song

Daddy, don’t be angry
And Mommy, please don’t cry
I’ve gone to stay with Jesus,
In His home up in the sky
There’s someone here who holds me
And sings me lullabies
She came up here before me
And I think that must be why
Tell my sister and my brother
that although I’m far away
I am now a little angel
And I’ll come and watch them play
I miss my sister Lily
And my brother Milo too,
I know that they will be okay
In all the things they do
We would have had adventures
Got in trouble, now and then
It would have been okay though
For the camaraderie with them
Be kind to sis and brother
When they err along the way
It’s how you scold and hold them
And the loving words you say
Tell them to be happy
And do their very best
For they will be my heroes
And life will be their quest
Dad and Mom, I love you
You gave your hearts to me
Our brief time together
Will last through all eternity
Daddy take care of Mommy
Her heart is broke in two
If you hold and hug her
It will help you too
Mommy take care of Daddy
He’s trying to be brave
His heart is very tender
For the words he can not say
I love you and I miss you
And there’s something you should know
I will be okay here
Jesus says it’s so
Yes, we were a family
And though I couldn’t stay
Just keep me in your hearts
And we will always be that way

Written by Christopher’s father’s cousin, Cheryl George

Simply beautiful.  Many tears fell as I read it.  The second stanza references Christopher’s mother, the first person I pictured holding Silas in heaven.  

IMG_2122 edit

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